WD Chapter 28 Xiang Chen



The strange man continued rubbing Bai Zhi’s tender spot. He stuffed the two jumbo dice into her and forcibly squeezed her petals together so that the dice were completely encapsulated within her body. He kneaded her buttocks vigorously until viscous juices began to leak out from the crevice of her small cave. It flowed down her slit and dripped onto the floor.

“Nnng…!” Bai Zhi’s eyes filled with tears. She endured the torment inflicted on her lower body. Her eyes held both anguish and uncontrollable desire.

Her swollen breasts were pushed against the glass divider and her sopping wet orifice below held a giant half-exposed die. The boy had a clear view from his position on the ground. He was dazed watching her pale alluring figure being played with. He didn’t even realize that his name had been called.

“Xiang Chen?” Di Qing shouted again, his voice contained a trace of hoarseness this time. For some reason, Bai Zhi felt her pussy quiver. She clamped her legs together and whimpered.

The man licked along her spine excitedly. He reached down and dug the dice out of her little cave one by one and transferred the fluid covered objects into her mouth. Three fingers of his right hand pumped in and out of her.

With her mouth stuffed, no matter how she tried to sound out her protests, they became tinged with eroticism. Waves crashed into waves, building up higher and higher. She was actually about to reach nirvana right here! She twisted her body in resistance, tears streamed down her face.

The man pressed his body firmly against her from behind. He unbuttoned his pants and thrust the entirety of his dark-red colored erection into her body.

The youth named Xiang Chen rocked in agitation. He watched in rapture as the hole that had seemed too small, swallow the enormous penis in one go. Something between his legs stood up, revealing his unconcealable lust.

Bai Zhi’s body was pierced in an instant. She seemed to have given up resisting, merely holding onto the glass meekly and letting the man behind her thrust in and out of her body as he wished.

The man was still in the mood to chatter away at her. In a low voice, he said, “Hey, did Li Xiao ever fuck you? He’s a pretty lively guy. You know, last year he killed a man, dug out his guts, and left the corpse on the bottom floor of the living quarters!”

The man enthusiastically rammed into her over and over again. Bai Zhi’s soft cries of ecstasy floated through the air and heavy breathing could be heard from all around.

Di Qing’s hoarse voice sounded again, “Xiang Chen?”

The boy suddenly snapped out of his reverie and replied somewhat stiffly, “It has nothing to do with me.”

“Nothing to do with you? You’re the only one who knows the system here and was capable of this!”

The boy retorted defiantly, “It could have been someone from the outside. There are many capable organizations. Besides, even if he escapes the walls of the prison, he can’t get past the other traps. You guys should just do your own jobs: catch Li Xiao as soon as possible and investigate this thing impartially. You will find that this has nothing to do with me.”

“Fine. We will collect his corpse tonight. Whatever he promised you, we will take away,” Di Qing enunciated slowly.

The boy stiffened. It’s unknown whether it was because of Di Qing declaration or whether it was because the man with the dice changed position and was currently fucking Bai Zhi from the side.

“Go ahead, find it if you can,” the boy whispered.

Bai Zhi’s awareness was already fading. She couldn’t remember when the transparent barriers went down or when she was returned into Zhao Zixun’s embrace.

As soon as she felt his familiar presence, she buried her face into his arms and burst into tears. Zhao Zixun hugged her naked figure tight and picked up her clothes. He dressed her with care and cut off the others’ view of her body. Then, he carried her back to his room.

“Good girl… Everything is okay now……” He held her close and collapsed onto his bed with her. He rocked her back and forth gently in comfort.


Bai Zhi clutched Zhao Zixun’s clothes and cried, “Zhao Zixun, I’m so scared…… Please, save me……”

Zhao Zixun kissed her. He wore a gentle expression, “In the future, don’t leave my side. If you take even half a step away from me, I won’t be able to protect you…”

“This is a terrible place. Don’t try testing its limits… Leave that to me. You just need to obediently stay by my side, okay?” He gently kissed her cheek and licked away her tears.


At that same moment, the man with the dice was taking his dying breath.

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